Impressive JavaScript performance!

I just compared the song generation time in the JavaScript port of Sonant to the hand optimized x86 assembler version of the same synth, as used in the original Muon Baryon 4k demo.

I found the SNT tune here, and ran it in Opera in my new online Sonant player (check “Play Now!” if you wish to play the song in your browser), and guess what:

Native asm synth: 43s
JavaScript synth: 47s

That means that the JavaScript synth is less than 10% slower than the hand optimized native assembly language synth!

One thought on “Impressive JavaScript performance!

  1. your ‘SubShifter – Online SRT Subtitle Resync Tool’ has been a wonderful tool for me to use in the re-synching of subtitles. I really appreciate it.

    (It allows my learning/apprehension of French to continue unabated. I have the ability and was considering writing such a tool, but i saw yours. Kudos to you!!)

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