Sonant Live – sneak peek

Have been working on a web tool that I think is a bit different from the rest: It’s a music tracker that runs entirely in your browser!

It’s currently a beta-release, but with some patience and training you can get it to do wonderful things. So try it out now:

The most annoying limitation right now is the lack of a progress bar (you get kind of a progress indicator in Opera – but not in other browsers). Haven’t solved how to do the music generation in a web worker yet (for instance, I use a 2D canvas context in the synth, which I think isn’t possible in a Web Worker).

One thought on “Sonant Live – sneak peek

  1. Phil – Captain Pike

    Very impressed with Sub-Shifter! (And I don’t impress easily)

    My recent profound hearing loss has made my movie collection nearly useless. And yeah, you can download subtitles – but they rarely seem synced.

    This handy tool works flawlessly (as long as you follow the directions). You can apply a fixed offset, forward or back, to a subtitle file. If the frame rate (or other problems) make this solution inadequate, this simple to use application will calculate and apply a linear offset throughout the subtitle file, aligning every caption to the audio in the movie – by simply entering two timestamps. It’s simpler than this post. Really slick, efficient and secure.

    Thank you bits ‘n’ bites, for helping the disabled!

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